SciPy 2014

Austin Godber


July 2014

IPython Notebook

  • Backend renamed to Jupyter to encourage language agnostic use
  • Python users will still just type ipython notebook
  • Vim integration (vim connects to IPython kernel to interact with notebook)
  • RISE - Live Editable Slideshows in the works
  • CoLaboratory - Storing IPython Notebooks in Google Drive, running in NaCl


  • Lots of talk and tools to help do reproducable science.
  • Persisting Data
  • Persisting Code - DOI
  • Long Term Archive - Outliving the PI.
  • Virtual Machines and Containers
  • Other tools - hashdist
  • DOE Shrink Wrapped Computer



Geospatial Data Types in Pandas Series and DataFrames.


  • Generalizing NumPy datastructures to utilize different backends
  • Multiple dispatch - Like PEP 443, but dispatches based on function signature rather than type alone


  • WCSAxes - Matplotlib Axes sub-class that handles plotting tics, labels and grids for arbitrary coordinate systems.
  • ginga - FITS image viewer, I sprinted on my own PDS viewer derived from ginga
  • ccdproc - CCD Camera calibration library, I sprinted on this as well
  • yt - volumetric visualization (loading data from 31TB file over web)


  • conda
  • conda
  • conda


  • Bokeh 0.5
  • mpld3
  • VNC like mpl backend

Lightning Talks

  • Waffles!